If you wish to enable sales tracking through ViralMint, please follow the procedure below.

You need to paste the code below onto your "Thank You Page" or "Order Completion Page" before the end of </body> tag.

<noscript><img src="http://tracker.viralmint.com/sales/YOUR_CLIENT_ID/ITEM_VALUE/TRANSACTION_ID? COUPON_CODE=XXXX" /></noscript> <script src="http://tracker.viralmint.com/sales/YOUR_CLIENT_ID/ITEM_VALUE/TRANSACTION_IDCOUPON_CODE=XXXXX"></script>

The above parameters need to be populated from your end:
1. "
YOUR_CLIENT_ID" needs to be populated with your Client Identification Number. 
Go to Settings -> Profile to get your account id.

2. “ ITEM_VALUE” needs to be populated with the product price or sales value.
3. “TRANSACTION_ID” needs to be populated with the unique transaction id for each user from your side.
4. "COUPON_CODE" needs to be populated with the coupon code that was used for this transaction (if any)

Example: -

Client Account ID is - 1373252323 (as example, you will get yours under Settings->Profile)

Say the customer has bought an item of Rs. 500 using the coupon code FBCOUPON & his transaction id generated post the payment gateway is FLPKRT1324123

<noscript><img src="http://tracker.viralmint.com/sales/1373252323/500/FLPKRT1324123?COUPON_CODE=FBCOUPON" /></noscript> <script src="http://tracker.viralmint.com/sales/1373252323/500/FLPKRT1324123?COUPON_CODE=FBCOUPON"></script>

These values should be dynamically passed depending on every transaction.