Welcome to the BuildaBazaar Integration Guide. Follow these steps to add ViralMint integration code to your store:

To get started with the integration, logon to your BuildaBazaar Merchant Panel.

> Click on top left in the left side bar

Click on Footer

Scroll to the bottom of the page in the footer section and click on the edit icon

You will see an HTML editor loads up. Just click on the HTML icon in the navigation.

You will see a popup/pane open up. Just paste the code at the end of the text block and click on the Update button

Just Click the Save button.

    That's it. Your have successfully linked your ViralMint account with your BuildaBazaar Store! You are now ready to launch campaigns and watch your sales happen!

    If you stuck at any point during this installation process, do feel free to write to us at support@viralmint.com or call us at +91 (020) 6511-6468 or +91 8888 5000 48