An Exit Offer would appear to your website visitors, when they are about to exit your website. In an attempt to make them stay, you can entice them with an offer they can't refuse! Combining your creative offer and our technology, you can not only retain your website visitors but also turn them into your customers!

  • Clicking on the New Campaign button, shows you the different apps available on our platform. Choose the Exit Offer (Classic) option.


  • There are two steps in creating an Exit Offer on our platform: The first is the design of the widget and the second is configuring options of the widget like where and when to run it.


  • In the Design tab, you can view the offer widget as it would appear on your website.

  • Choose the widget template from the dropdown. There are 2 options. This is the default template. You can select your own template, if you have added one in our dashboard.


  • There are 2 states of the widget; Pre Unlock and Post Unlock.

The pre unlock state asks for the user's email address. Only a valid email address is accepted.

The post unlock state appears when the user submits a valid email address and can view a coupon code, if any.

You can edit any element in the widget and change their properties in the section next to it called Advanced Settings.

  • The font colours and background colors of each element is editable. However, the feature to enable you to change fonts will be available in the next version. To reset the widget to its original state, click the Reset link.

  • Once done editing, clicking on either the Configurations tab or Continue, takes you to the next step.

  • In the configuration tab, you have to set the where, the when, the coupon configurations(if any), the email template to send the coupon code to the customer and the action to be performed after the unlock.

  • Set the Where URL to the homepage of your website.

  • You can schedule your campaign to run at a specific date and time. Checking the Launch Now checkbox launches it as soon as you click on Publish.

 You can also stop your campaign at a specific time and date. Checking the Run this continuously checkbox runs the campaign continuously.

 You can pause/stop any campaigns manually at any point of time.

  • If you have a coupon code to offer to your customers, you can configure them here. There are three options here.

 If you don't have any code to offer, you can select the No Coupon option. The coupon code box from the post unlock screen disappears.

 Single coupon code is the default option, where a single code is displayed to all customers. You can also set the quantity of codes you want to give out.

 Multiple coupon code enables you to display unique coupon codes to unique customers. Upload a Comma Seperated Values (CSV) file containing the unique codes. Download the sample file to check the format accepted.

  • You can engage the customers who have participated in this campaign by sending them reminder emails at a specific date and time. You can use our default email template or add a new template by clicking on Add New. Variables like their coupon code are listed there, in a table below. If you want to preview a template, you can select that template in the dropdown and click on Preview.

  • After the offer is unlocked, you can specify which URL you want to redirect your customer to by filling in the Success Redirect URL field.

  • Clicking on Publish after designing and configuring your Exit Offer, makes it available to your website visitors. If you haven't filled any of the required fields in the configuration tab, the form gives you an error, preventing you to go any further.

  • Once you have successfully published a campaign, you can target this campaign to a specific type of your website visitors, by setting a few variables in the targeting section.