Follow the basic steps to create a text based Push message campaign:

1. Click on the New Campaign tab on the left side of your screen.


2.         2. Click the Get Started button below the Push Message tab and click on Text Based Message option from the dropdown to open the campaign creation wizard.


  1. Enter the campaign title and description of the offer if any text needs to appear on the image based Push Message. 

Note: The title will not appear on the Push Message. If you wish to use a title based Push Message, please see our Push Message - Text Based campaign. 


Tip: Use the text editing tools just above the description box to make your text look attractive. Increase/decrease the size and thickness of the text. Use the strike through tool to show slashed prices or offers on your web-store. Use the tool bar to attach links, images or special characters to your offer description. In case you do not want to use the offer description box and are contended with the title only, just click on the Hide Description check box.

All changes done to the campaign will reflect on the campaign preview overlay at the right hand bottom part of your screen. You can close this preview by clicking on the close button of the overlay. At any time you wish to re-visit the overlay, click on the Preview button on the right hand side of the screen.


  1. By default, all Push Message campaigns are clickable. This allows re-direction of traffic to certain pages on clicking the Push Message. Enter the URL of the landing page in the Call-to-action URL text field. 

Redirection can be either done on the same tab or a new tab by clicking on the respective radio buttons. In case there is no need for re-direction and the message is a simple image based campaign, click on the I don’t want to hyperlink my image checkbox.

  1. Add the image to be used on the Push Message by clicking on the Add Image button in the Layout Specific Options section. You could also upload the image by pasting the image URL in the Add Image text field.  

You could also change the Image dimensions by altering the image width and height as per your requirements. 

Use the Banner Alignment option to change the location of the Push Message on the screen. 

You can also change the Description Font colour, the colour of the overlay background and borders in the Layout Specific Options section.

  1. Enter details of the URL where the campaign would be launched in the Site URL text field under the Where section of the wizard.


Checking the Site Wide option will enable the campaign on all the pages of the domain mentioned in the Site URL field. In the case the campaign needs to be launched on a specific page, copy paste the required page URL in the Site URL field and keep the Site wide checkbox unchecked.

Note: In case you need help with regards to launching the campaign on multiple pages, visit our guide of the targeting section.

  1. Schedule the start and the end date and time of the Push Message campaign in the When section of the wizard.



The campaign can be scheduled to start at mentioned time and date by selecting the desired values for Start Date/Time. Clicking on the Launch now button will launch the campaign as soon as the campaign is published.

The campaign will be paused on the date and time as mentioned in the End Date/Time fields. Clicking the Run this continuously button will make the campaign valid for a year from the current date. The campaign can be started/paused from the campaign summary page. To know more about this click here.

Once all the fields are filled, click on the Preview & Publish button on the bottom of the screen to launch the campaign.