Launching your first campaign is quick & easy. To setup your first delicious campaign, we would need.

1) Offer Image (Width: 400 x Height: 400)
2) Offer Details (Title/Description/Terms)
3) Coupon Codes (Single Coupon Code or Multiple Codes) either in .csv or .xls format


Let's start. There are 2 things to setting up a Viral Campaign. FIrst we need to create the Campaign/Offer using our Campaign Manager and then we specify the conditions under which the campaign should unlock. You can learn about the various social actions here.

In this tutorial we will cover the most basic and widely used campaign for Fan Acquisition (mainly using website traffic to acquire fans ie. adding a simple like-gate to your website)

The Recipe:-
First. Head over and login with your credentials, once done you should be redirected to the Dashboard. Click on "Create a Campaign" button to start creating your first campaign!