Welcome to the Zepo.in Integration Guide.

To get started with the integration, logon to your Zepo Merchant Panel. Click on Setting -> Advanced Features

Once on the page, Scroll to Option 3

Click on the switch, so that it is in the "ON" state.

Now to get your Account ID you would need to  Signup or Login to ViralMint. Once logged in you should be redirected to the ViralMint Dashboard! Click on "Settings"

Click on Profile. You should see your Account ID here. Copy the number, you would need to paste this in the Zepo Panel.

Paste the number in the text field inside Zepo!

That's it. Your have successfully linked your ViralMint account with your Zepo Store! You are now ready to post offers and watch your sales happen! Here are a few additional links that you can use to get started with your first campaign.

Create a Viral Offer 

Lets you add a Viral Offer Tab to your Zepo Store. Get website visitors to earn coupons in exchange of a Facebook Like/Share or Tweet. (Details about the product here)